Contact J&P

Technology Recommendation for contacting J&P Notes Response Time


Do use as appropriate. Recommended as first means of communications.

Note that we are using many different email addresses. Don't be confused with 'Reply-To' address that differs from From address.

Typical schedule for checking emails are three (3) times per day - Morning, Noon, Afternoon.

Minutes, Hours, up to a Day or two or so.

Telephony (cell phones)

Do use as appropriate. No unsolicited calls!!

We are on state and federal no-call lists. Calls from unknown numbers are typically not answered and/or handled through filtering service.

Instant (known) - minutes or hours (unknown, leaving msg)

FaceTime, Skype, ... VoIP

Friends only.

No unsolicited contact requests - we block and report as spam as soon as possible.

Instant (known)

Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, ...)

Friends only.

We are quite restrictive and when use, only using services with close and current friends.
Also, infrequenly use. Don't expect fast responses.


Mail (regular, e.g. United States Postal Service USPS, Postverket...)

Do NOT use.

As also noted in press (e.g. Sweden and US), quality of postal services have decreased dramatically over the years, something we very much have experienced first hand (e.g. in both Dallas and Austin, TX), resulting in us decreasingly using mail. We are infrequently and rarely checking mail boxes (goes for addresses in Finland, Sweden, and US). Problems include lost mail, receiving mail intended for neighbors, receiving mail despite being on no-junkmail lists - both companies that disregard requests and postal services delivering to wrong address. Mail is NOT good service.

Expect delays of us receiving and acting on mail, if ever arrive, in area of 1-2 months.

Important Note: You can safely assume that mail sent from to us unknown senders being rather immediately discarded without any attempt to being opened. Too many 'Urgent', 'Open Immediately', 'Personal' et c with only an additional offer for cars, loans, et c. Crying Wolf and all that...

Typically 1-2 months. Shorter when sender sends notification via email. (If not lost in the first place...)


Alternative to Mail

If need to send documents and/or you don't have means to 1) scan and 2) encrypt, DO use courier services. BUT - first make sure to confirm suitable delivery address (must be done before each shipment to coordinate with travel patterns.)


Telefax No longer available. Since decades of use, we finally stopped last fax service in 2014. N/A
Telepathy Attempts NOT allowed! Not really believers but who are we to say can't be done... Though, as much wish for as for cellular services being allowed in airplanes while flying. Who - at their right mind - wants to hear the seat neighbor loudly talk about latest gossip?! Nuff's enough! N/A