Changing Service Provider Checklist

Rev 1.0
Jul '09

Checklist for moving email and internet hosting services from one service provider to another.

Step Process Chk Space for Notes
A "Week 1" -  
  Start with setting up info section on diff site!  

Different site (domain) so that it will always be available during the transition.

Document all details there for users to have easy access.

1 Document settings, etc: -  
1.1 Email accounts - login, password (email address)    
1.2 Email forwarders/aliases - address, forward to    
1.3 Common POP, SMTP servers etc    
1.4 Any other email-related settings    
1.5 Web - verify got latest originals (local computer)    
1.6 Web - document any special hosting settings    
2 Create new accounts at new service provider    
3 Do neccessary preparations for web hosting    
4 Send emails (2) to each individual account holder - (request confirmation, include some week for response)
4.1 - one with account info, servers, ...    
4.2 - one separate w/ password (if changing)    
5 While waiting for responses, web site related: -  
5.1 Upload web to new host server    
5.2 Verify everything works    
B "Week 2"    
1 Received confirmation from everyone? (A,#5)    
2 Redirect DNS pointers    
3 Send email to everyone, "it has started"    
C "Wait 24 to 48 hrs"    
1 Verify DNS points to new host    
2 Test email works    
3 Send email to everyone, "it is over"   (request confirmation)
D "Week 3"    
1 Received confirmation from everyone? (A,#5)    

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