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Mixed Environment

Our own lab for development and testing/verification include computers with

J&P InfoSol are very much aware of the mixed environment out there and always works towards cross-platform, mixed-environment functionality.

Development projects are verified in all applicable environments. E.g. web design projects using various different web browsers on different operating systems.

Operating Systems

Mac OS (X)

The prefered environment. Definitely now with the UNIX-based Mac OS X!

Been working with Apple Macintosh computers ever since 1984, all the way through Mac OS 1.0 on the first Macintosh computer up till todays G4 systems with Mac OS X.

(E.g. all administration, graphical-, web- design in made on Macintosh computers.)

Linux & UNIX

The primary choice for software development, including solutions to execute with highest possible reliability and uptime.

From low-level tasks like modifying drivers for new hardware, e.g. LAN-card for Alpha-based SBC, advanced programming in networked UNIX environment, to complete solutions for various monitoring needs.

J&P InfoSol advocates open source and most often uses GNUs development tools.

Long-term experience of both using and administrating Rational ClearCase, comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) solution.

Specifically on HP-UX (since v9.x, started in 1993): administration, software development, HP OpenView Network monitoring solutions, advanced web-based distribution of information using Apache web server and both ready-made as well as own scripts and extensions.

(HP OpenView on a software development level - creation of add-on applications developed in C programming language.)


From software development (started with development of communications software in 1987), to todays more an advanced daily user. More than average knowledge in Microsofts Office software (uses more advanced features, writing scripts behinds the scenes using Visual Basic when need arise).

Whenever existing, chooses cross-platform solutions. E.g. Netscape web browser instead of MS Internet Explorer. (NS exist on Mac, PC, UNIX,..., IE on PC alone.) Apache web server for any platform.

Quick Sheet

  Mac Linux/UNIX MS-Windows Comments
Software development (C...) Limited Definitely Limited prefers UNIX...
Web projects Development of structure, pages CGIs in (e.g) Perl Development of structure, pages prefers Macromedias Dreamweaver
Graphics Adobe Photoshop (on Mac/PC) Adobe Photoshop  
Multimedia/Video ### (on Mac) (on Mac)  
CD/DVD/VCD/... Roxio Toast (on Mac/PC) Adaptec ...  
Administration MS Office X (on Mac/PC) MS Office 2000