OAS™ - On-a-Sheet on-a-sheet

So Simple, So Saving


J&P BMCG has developed an own style used for specific documents we call On-a-Sheet. It's used for short descriptions, introductions, guides, crib-sheets, and also processes. Examples:

Business Plan OAS™ To make a business plan
CMM as Example Capability Maturity Model, first created by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the 1980s.
Google Desktop OAS™ A free utility you’ll wonder how ever lived without! More info and tips also at swedeteam.com/google.
PhD Dissertation OAS™ Getting your dissertation in order
Project Management OAS™ Down to the essentials on project management
Screen Capturing Mac OS X, MS Windows; on taken screen shots
Software Development Process A broad overview of aspects and key terminology when developing software (e.g. shrink-wrapped or for the Web)
Travel Abroad OAS™ Crib-sheet, checklist for traveling abroad
UL and Electrical Safety On different categories from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) - UL Listed, UL Recognized, UL Classified
Web Publishing OAS™ How to create contents and put onto web site
Why AC Sucks Why alternating current (AC) is inferior to direct current (DC) (losses, cooling, complexity, reliability)

For legal reasons - intellectual properties rights, and ownership of material developed by J&P together with various partners over decades - actual documents and content therein are as a rule only distributed directly by J&P and partners, as applicable. I.e. not downloadable from this location.

About the Logo and Note on the Pronunciation

'Oas' is the Swedish word for oasis and consider an oasis: so simple (trees and water) and yet such a life saver! Can you imagine a better logo for OAS™?

Listen to the sound file for correct pronunciation (it's not 'oh-ace' but a short 'o', Swedish-pronunciation, followed by 'aas' - 'o-aas'). (Sound example require MP4 decoder, e.g. Apple's QuickTime.)


It simple - keep it to one sheet! That's it.

Ok, for the ones thinking Why Do I Need a Process?

The method is easy to implement and is applicable in any area where a more organized process is advantageous. And in all honesty, in which area doesn’t a formal process help...? For the yet doubtful, we can come up with many good reasons but in the spirit of OAS™ - which is The Essentials:

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