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Working from home: The 12 new rules for getting it right
From video-conference etiquette to triple-checking your emails, here are some do’s and dont’s to help you navigate the new digital workplace.

  1. Don’t always jump onto video meetings
  2. Do prepare an appropriate environment for video calls
  3. Don’t think switching your video on is a must-do
  4. Don’t do things you wouldn’t do during a face-to-face meeting
  5. Do make calls as short as they possibly can be
  6. Do make sure you use the right platform for the right message
  7. Do triple check your messages before sending them
  8. Do keep high performance standards
  9. Do hold on to the water-cooler chat moments
  10. Do expect increased casual communication with your manager
  11. Do prepare to interact with unexpected colleagues
  12. Do keep an eye on your e-reputation



What makes a partnership work?

“Partnerships are fragile. First, two parties must have a common goal that can be met by their joining together. Each must benefit from the cooperative arrangement and not feel burdened by demands for frequent compromise. Second, regular and meaningful communication is essential for keeping the relationship strong. Finally, the partners must trust each other to make sure decisions are not second-guessed at every step.

Legal documents don’t make partnerships work; people do. But the art of carefully weaving together the needs and desires of two people – or two companies – is never simple. If it were, there would be far fewer failed mergers (and failed marriages). But when a partnership succeeds, the results are worth the effort.”

[Wise words, that never hurts to be reminded of from time to the other. From CIO Insight, Oct 2005, pg 90]