Sweden and Nordic Countries (‘SVN’)

The Sweden-Nordic* Countries presented by J in J&P.

*We could be talking Scandinavian countries but this is so ambiguous. See Scandinavia Defined.

Yes, origin of J is Sweden, far up in northern Europe. And even though got a Finnish last name, the citizenship is Swedish.

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Located some 920 km / 575 miles north of Stockholm.
Where I spend close to five years of my life. Compulsory military service and studies at the University of Luleå. Also … More


Liden is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) north-west of Sundsvall and is where moose hunting is a big deal for J, one of the origins of J. More

Kökar (Åland, Finland)

Travel as far out as you can in the Åland archipelago and you will end up on a island named Kökar. This is one of J’s absolute favorite places on Earth! (Another origin of J.) More

Stockholm (Sweden!)

Capital city of Sweden and birth place of J. More (travel tips and more)

Vagnhärad (Trosa)

About 60 kilometers south of Stockholm. The small village (5-10k inhabitants) to which J’s parents moved during the “green sixties” (1967). Where I and my brothers and sister were brought up. Not marked on map.


Lived here for about a year during the last year of my high school studies. 3 years in Nyköping, city in between Stockholm and Norrköping, one year in Norrköping). City/county web: www.norrkoping.se

Göteborg (Gothenburg)

Spent several summers down in Gbg with relatives. Summer holidays, working, … It’s here where I originally picked up scuba diving. City web: www.goteborg.se.

Sweden According to J

Stockholm is Sweden, period! Population of Greater Stockholm, metropolitan area, around 2.4 million (2019; 2 million 2005; city it itself hovers around 1 million)

Sweden According to others

A country in Northern Europe, between Norway and Finland. Population around 10.2 million (2019; 9 million in 2005).

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