The A J&P Favvo – Mark

The A J&P Favvo mark was formally introduced in 2015 and was initially used on food recipes but essentially is a Mark used to signal an especially favorite item and thus can be used for food, songs, events, even people, and so on.

On file systems usually combined with exclamation mark for easy finding items, desktop search on Favvo!

Examples of J&P Favvos include:

  • Boeuf Bourguignon (only dish with online-notes so far, as complement to the traditional PDF, due to some more research into history and variants)
  • Fisksoppe-gryta – a Favvo!
  • Janssons Frestelse – a Favvo!
  • Kålpudding,Kåldolmar, Favvo!
  • Lax – a Favvo!
  • Makaronipudding – Favvo!
  • Mammas Potatissallad – a Favvo!
  • Rosemary Roasted Potatoes – a Favvo!
  • Taco Soup, Tortilla Soup – Favvo!
  • Xmas,Christmas,Jul Favvo!




(In Swedish) For something fun and enjoyable:

(In Swedish) The Bobbers, when J was growing up:

Very emotionell, Billy Chrystal eulogy on Muhammad, Ali, (June 2016, J&P was there in Louisville, KY, and experienced it on location):


On topic of Billy and Muhammad, “15 Rounds”, from 1979 (fun!):​