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Raster v. Vector Graphics


There are two types of computer graphics: raster graphics, where each pixel is separately defined (as in a digital photograph), and vector graphics, where mathematical formulas are used to draw lines and shapes, which are then interpreted at the viewer’s end to produce the graphic. Using vectors results in infinitely sharp graphics and often smaller files, but, when complex, like vectors take time to render and may have larger file sizes than a raster equivalent.


Synonyms for Photograph, Take a Photo

  • photographing
  • capture
  • illustrate
  • print
  • reproduce
  • shoot
  • get
  • picture
  • turn
  • record
  • take

  • shoot
  • snap
  • film
  • photo


And Video-Related while at it…

  • videotaping
  • video shooting
  • video record
  • footage
  • video tape
  • surveillance footage
  • video recording
  • surveillance video
  • video capture
  • filming
  • imaging
  • shoot
  • rolling


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Cleaning Photos, incl. Stripping EXIF et c