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  • Relocation Report – money.co.uk/mortgages/relocation-report, 16 November 2021
    • Where are the best cities to relocate to around the world?
      In a world where international travel is opening back up and remote working now tried and tested, there is now ample opportunity for people to relocate abroad and with that, start thinking about housing and comparing mortgages.

      However, it is not just housing to consider when relocating across the globe. In fact there are many other social and economic factors that have to be taken into consideration when deciding the best city to relocate to, these factors are:

      Average annual temperature (degrees celsius)
      Average annual precipitation (millimetres)
      Average property price (cost per metre squared)
      Average monthly salary
      Average monthly living costs (excluding rent)
      Number of restaurants
      Number of green spaces
      Average internet speed (MBps)
      Average life expectancy (years)
      As well as the overall best cities to relocate to, the analysis reveals the most expensive and cheapest areas to move to. Additionally, the relocation cities with the best weather, and the best coastal relocation destinations.

      Top three places to relocate

    • Austin, USA
    • Tokyo, Japan
    • Charleston, USA


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