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Introducing San Antonio



San Antonio, The River Walk


Cities Compared

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Apartment Research

In order visited (V) and/or researched to any more details.

  1. Cevallos Lofts (V), 78204
    1. Site:
    2. More: google cevallos lofts san antonio
  2. Southtown Flats (V), 78204
    1. Site:
    2. More: google southtown flats san antonio
  3. The Flats at Big Tex (V), 78204
    1. Site:
    2. More: google flats at big tex san antonio
  4. Agave Apartments (V), 78205
    1. Site:
    2. More: google agave apartments san antonio
  5. The Baldwin (V), 78205
    1. Site:
    2. More: google the baldwin san antonio
  6. 120 Ninth St (V, outside only, yet), 78215
    1. Site:
    2. More: google 120 Ninth St apartments san antonio


Residence – The J&P SAtellite

First two letters in satellite capitalized SA as in San Antonio, duh! Also acceptable forms include J&P Satellite and J&P SATellite.

From Merriam-Webster:

Definition of satellite

1a hired agent or obsequious follower MINIONSYCOPHANT

2aa celestial body orbiting another of larger size

ba manufactured object or vehicle intended to orbit the earth, the moon, or another celestial body

3someone or something attendant, subordinate, or dependentespecially a country politically and economically dominated or controlled by another more powerful country

4a usually independent urban community situated near but not immediately adjacent to a large city



The J&P SAtellite is like a satellite to The J&P Mansion in Austin and is located in downtown San Antonio, right off the Riverwalk with walking distance to The Alamo and much more.

(More info to come, if/when get time. Placeholder for now.)



Between San Antonio (Google maps) and some major cities, distance and some indications of time to drive.

San Antonio to/from Driving
Austin 80 mi / 128 km, 1h15m ~ 1.5hrs+1(I35). map.
-“-, The Domain 91 mi / 146 km, 1h25m ~ 2hrs1(I35). map.
Dallas 274 mi / 441 km, 4 hrs or way more2map.
Plano 293 mi / 472 km, 4.5-5 hrs or way more3map.
Houston 197 mi / 317 km, 3 hrs4map.
New Orleans, Louisana 543 mi / 874 km, 7.5 hrs4map.
El Paso 552 mi / 888 km, 7.5 hrs4map.
Laredo, border to Mexico 157 mi / 253 km, 2.5 hrs4map.
(about same as to Piedras Negras)
Monterrey, Mexico 297 mi / 479 km, 5 hrs4map.

1) Traffic on I35 through Austin is infamous…
2) Traffic on I35 can be very difficult from times to times..
3) Traffic in Dallas and Plano has become increasingly difficult, and earlier 30-40 min can easily become more than one hour.
4) So far limited experiences and/or research

A more personal driving distance chart – see


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