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The City of Dallas

(the area colored slightly darker yellow)

Retrieved from maps.dallascityhall.com July 2008.

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Dallas North




  • Dallas
    • General
      • area map – with circles for distances, relative P’s work
    • Dallasnews.com/classifieds/homecenter/profiles/northdallas.html
    • http://www.dallasnews.com/neighborhoodprofiles/
    • dallascityhall.com
  • North Dallas
    • Midway Hollow
      (North of Northwest Hwy up to South of Walnut Hill, East of March and right border West of Midway; North of Love Field airport and Bachman Lake)

      • DMN Neighborhood profile, print ed. Sun July 20, 2008 (not online yet, Fri 2008-08-15)
      • www.midwayhollow.inf
  • East Dallas
    • Belmont
    • Lakewood
    • Merriman Park / University Manor
    • White Rock Lake
      • East of:
      • West of:
      • North of
      • South of
  • South Dallas – nothing yet, no interest for the time being
  • West Dallas – nothing yet, no interest for the time being