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Yes, we do Audio!


Audio on Macs


Type Input Output Existence
iMac Microphone Built-in
iMac Speakers Built-in Standard
DELL U3818DW DisplayPort Own HW When have
1912 LR (4G) AirPlay
1912 BR1 (2G) AirPlay
Soundflower (2ch) When installed Soundflower SW
Soundflower (64ch) -“-


macOS Releases Notes

Included here as easy reference and reminder to currently more common releases of macOS, as reminder of which codename is which release.

When get into low-level things like virtual drivers, increasingly strict security measures by Apple in each release of macOS or security patches can easily break – or make installation/use significantly more tricky. To keep in mind when considering any upgrading.

macOS Codename CPU support App supp. Comments
10.13 High Sierra 64-bit Intel 32/64-bit Intel IM2713, 1o?, 11?
10.14 Mojave 64-bit Intel 32/64-bit Intel Last macOS that can run Office 2011, Adobe non-subscr. SW, ..
10.15 Catalina 64-bit Intel 64-bit Intel IM2720
Looks like (google searches) Soundflower is NOT compatible, look at using BlackHole.
11.0 Big Sur 64-bit Intel and ARM 64-bit Intel and ARM none yet


Capture Audio


Using Soundflower Software (FOSS)


  • Soundflower captures existing audio  and creates new audio channel inside the Mac.


MIT license.

How to capture your Mac’s audio for free – (2013-07-11)

Link to Soundflower software in that article – – is broken.


Soundflower is an open source kernel extension for MacOS, designed to create a virtual audio output device that can also act as an input.

Initial development and maintenance of Soundflower was done by Cycling ’74. In 2014, Cycling ’74 passed stewardship of Soundflower to Rogue Amoeba, but we ultimately didn’t have the time or resources to improve the product.

Thankfully, at the end of 2015, Soundflower’s original author Matt Ingalls picked up the baton. The project can now be found via this GitHub link. If you’re looking to use Soundflower, that’s the link to visit.

If you’ve previously used Soundflower, or are simply looking for a reliable tool to route audio between applications on your Mac, you may be interested in Loopback. (More below on this page)

More resources:

Using Audio HiJack ($59)

‘Record any audio on your Mac’

License allows single user on one or more Macs.

Using Loopback Software ($99)

‘Cable-free audio routing’

License allows single user on one or more Macs.


Rough Amoeba Applications

Software What Price* ‘UPB’
Airfoil Any audio, everywhere $29
Audio Hijack Record any audio $59
Farrago Robust, rapid-fire soundboards $49
Fission Fast & lossless audio editing $29
Loopback Cable-free audio routing $99
Piezo Charmingly simple recording $19
SoundSource Superior sound control $39
‘UPB’- Ultimate Podcast Bundle (save $50) $175 !
Entire Rogue Amoeba Lineup (save $70) $250

1) Price is for stand-alone app, company offers a variety of bundling prices


Audio Hijack:




Virtual Audio Drivers

  1. Soundflower (FOSS)
    1. SIGNED installer
    2. Home:
    3. more:
  2. Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack ($$)
    1. AT LEAST by known company that looks serious
    2. Home:
  3. BlackHole (FOSS) – more below



BlackHole (FOSS)

  1. Home:
  2. Home:
  3. Wiki:
  4. more:
  5. (First stumbled upon BlackHole in

Someone finally came up with a Soundflower replacement, and it’s free for Mac users
By James Russell 28 October 2019

Those using newer versions of macOS can now get custom audio routing with Blackhole

Ex Soundflower users may have a new solution for audio routing on Mac, thanks to a free solution posted recently to GitHub by Existential Audio.


Date Notes
2019-09-15 First published version (this specific)