OAS™ – On-a-Sheet, So Simple, So Saving

J&P BMCG has developed an own style used for specific documents we call On-a-Sheet. It’s used for short descriptions, introductions, guides, crib-sheets, and also processes.


Title Comments DocRef
!, # , ###, ƒ, and More Tagging Tagging names of files and folders, inside documents, for faster and targeted searches 18001
CMM as Example Capability Maturity Model, first created by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the 1980s. 01001
Consulting A smorgasbord of services and technologies DS82122En
Edge-Cloud-and-a-bit-IoT-for-Dummies Edge-Cloud for Dummies Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, and a bit IoT DS16701En
Google Desktop OAS™ A free utility you’ll wonder how ever lived without! More info and tips also at swedeteam.sarkinen.com/google. 06001
Interconnecting Devices Worksheet For discussions around required functionality, information gathering – as inputs to formal written RS/FS/IP. WS82122En
Product Evaluation Worksheet Worksheet for a first review of a product / service. First page shouldn’t take more than 30 min for a released product. WS82124En
Project Management Down to the essentials on project management (back of OAS 10001) 10001 (back)
Science-Laws-Politics-and-more Venn Diagram Data (Data, Information, Knowledge, Wisdom), Science, Laws (Civil and Common Law systems), Politics, and agenda, lies, alternative facts, social media, opinions, beliefs, straws out of a hat, et c 18007
Screen Capturing Mac OS X, MS Windows; on taken screen shots 04001
Sensors-Actuators Worksheet For discussions around required functionality, information gathering – as inputs to formal written RS/FS/IP. WS15101
Site Controller Worksheet For discussions around required functionality, information gathering – as inputs to formal written RS. WS82121
Software Development Process A broad overview of aspects and key terminology when developing software (e.g. shrink-wrapped or for the Web) (front of OAS 10001) 10001 (front)
Travel Abroad OAS™ Crib-sheet, checklist for traveling abroad 01002
UL and Electrical Safety On different categories from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) – UL Listed, UL Recognized, UL Classified 07001
Web-related How to create contents and put onto web site WS88041En
Why AC Sucks Why alternating current (AC) is inferior to direct current (DC) (losses, cooling, complexity, reliability) 07003


For legal reasons – intellectual properties rights, and ownership of material developed by J&P together with various partners over decades – actual documents and content therein are as a rule only distributed directly by J&P and partners, as applicable. I.e. not downloadable from this location.


About the Logo and Note on the Pronunciation

‘Oas’ is the Swedish word for oasis and consider an oasis: so simple (trees and water) and yet such a life saver! We can’t imagine a better logo for OAS™.

Listen to the sound file for correct pronunciation (it’s not ‘oh-ace’ but a short ‘o’, Swedish-pronunciation, followed by ‘aas’ – ‘o-aas’). (Sound example require MP4 decoder, e.g. Apple’s QuickTime.)

Documents in this series has been made since the earlier part of the 2000s and the current voice recording is from 2007.


It simple – keep it to one sheet! That’s it.

  • One sheet – two pages maximum.
  • Aim for one page but if need for two, focus main info on first page. Makes better posting.
    • For longer descriptive texts, second page can be used for e.g. check list, references
  • Always print double-sided, and consider this when making document.

Ok, for the ones thinking Why Do I Need a Process?

The method is easy to implement and is applicable in any area where a more organized process is advantageous. And in all honesty, in which area doesn’t a formal process help…? For the yet doubtful, we can come up with many good reasons but in the spirit of OAS™ – which is The Essentials:

  • Catch the important stuff, focus on the right things and not wasting time on less important details.
  • Tie information and knowledge to the company, avoid dangerous dependencies on unique individuals. What happens if the employee suddenly isn’t around any more…?

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