OAS18001 – !,#,###,ƒ and more, tagging by J&P #,###

“Tagging names of files and folders, inside documents, for faster and targeted searches” (in subject, OAS18001).

From using ‘ƒ’ for many years on macOS desktop systems, and worked absolutely great! But, became more complicated character to use on:

  • Smart phones
  • Windows computers

So, in 2018, changed use of ‘ƒ’ to ‘!’ and since then we  The J&P Group are now using the following as primary tags for files/folders and inside docs:

  • ‘!’ to highlight top-level material, ‘root-folder’ for a topic, et c
  • ‘###’ to highlight work-in-progress (‘WIP’)
    • things that sometimes by others and other systems are tagged with other keywords like To-Do, TODO, ACTION, ACT, and such

More details on our history of using different characters et c in oas18001-!,#,###,ƒ,and-more,tagging.pdf.

More on Why

Just searching on something very generic or common, like the ‘search’ word  itself typically results in ‘zillions’ of hits, and which is the one, or relatively few ones, that is a starting point for all things related to searching (desktop, search machines, on file systems and/or in cloud, asset management systems / registries including both physical/tangible and digital/intangible, and so on.)

In our case, our top-level for all-things-related-to-search is in one top-level page.

As an example, at the time of adding this section, we get

  • 99 hits when just search on ‘search’ on this site
  • 3 hits when search on ‘search’ plus ‘!’ (not writing together here as would great a third page found)
    1. ‘Search’ plus ‘!’ – yes, our top-level entry point, what I really was looking for
    2. Search! macOS-Focus – ah, that could also be a great entry point, if I was just now looking for something for macOS focuses.
    3. $HOME/Dropbox as it has ‘Research‘+’!’ in page.