Kökar – Åland – Finland

Kökar is an island municipality in the Åland archipelago, where Åland in turn is a autonomous self-governed, demilitarized, and Swedish-only, region part of Finland.


Kökar (About this soundpronunciation) is an island municipality to the south-east of the Åland archipelagoFinland.

It is also one of the municipalities of Åland. It is reachable by boat from Långnäs on Åland or from Galtby with access to mainland Finland.’ [wikipedia]



Åland is an archipelago at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia in the Baltic Sea belonging to Finland. It is an autonomous and demilitarised region of Finland since 1920 by a decision of the League of Nations,[2] and is Finland’s only monolingually Swedish-speaking region. It is the smallest region of Finland, constituting 0.51% of its land area and 0.54% of its population. Mariehamn is the capital city of Åland.’ [wikipedia]


The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has a good introduction of the very special status of Åland at um.fi/the-special-status-of-the-aland-islands, extract:

The special status of the Åland Islands

The self-governing province of the Åland Islands lies off the southwest coast of Finland. Åland is an autonomous, demilitarised, Swedish-speaking region of Finland. Åland consists of more than 6,700 islands, but the current population of 30,000 live on only 60 islands. Over 40 per cent of the inhabitants live in the only town, Mariehamn, which is one of Åland’s 16 municipalities.

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Finland is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. Finland shares land borders with Sweden to the west, Russia to the east, and Norway to the north and is defined by the Gulf of Bothnia to the west and the Gulf of Finland to the south that are part of the Baltic Sea.’ [wikipedia.org]