The J&P Private Collection


Think along lines of Kungliga biblioteket (the Royal Library) in Stockholm and U.S. Library of Congress, The J&P Private Collection is the combined collection of materials collected and managed by J&P MLabs and include:

  • More or less personal information but to the largest degree with some connection to J and/or P.
  • Decades of materials, and in some cases up to centuries (genealogy)
    • For some notes on digitization of photos, audio, and video, see the /mlabs/history/.
  • Materials may or may not be made accessible online, some may require additional credentials (authentication, username/password) for access
  • Some materials may be created more for a specific situation (company-related, specific group of friends, specific events, et c) but independently made part of the J&P Private Collection as part of our history and general life. Something we want to keep. And may sometimes also be shared with a different group of people (read far-away relatives and closest friends, to keep them updated on what’s going on with us in US, or where-ever we are).
  • We do not share – and NOR allow any sharing of any of our information – in any social media. See also Social Network Dangers.

Media in The J&P Private Collection include:

  • Photos, audio, and video in general
  • Materials created for the Friends of J&P community (e.g. USA Rapport, J&P Nytt, Barbro-serien), with many documents created for print- and offline use (mailing to older relatives without access to, or know-how of, the Internet)
    • USA Rapport – series (print, a.k.a. informally The Grandmas’ Collection)
      • First issue Mar 1997, USA Rapport #1; #88, Dec 2001
    • J&P Nytt – series (email)
      • J&P Nytt • Nummer 1 • Augusti 1997 (nr1-1997.pdf)
      • J&P Nytt • Nummer 2 • September 1997 (nr 2 sep 1997-1.PDF)
      • J&P Nytt • Nummer 3 • Februari 2001 (nr 3 Feb 2001.PDF)
    • Barbro-serien (print)
      • #1 Jan 2014 .. #5 Apr 2016
      • B-1 Båt Special
      • B-2 Lake Travis
    • USA Paket, by J&P NoBoS (print)
      • 2014 – Austin, Dallas
      • 2015, 2016, 2017 – Austin, limited Dallas
  • (The collection is indirectly and in effect also a A J&P Favvo, and the reverse also applies – J&P Favvo’s could be viewed as part of the collection.)