The Energy Saver

a newsletter aiming to cause change with less effort


“Energy – The ability of one system to do work on another system.” [Concise Encyclopedia [1]]

“In general, the word energy refers to a concept that can be paraphrased as “the potential for causing changes”, therefore one can say that energy is the cause of any change.” [Wikipedia

The Energy Saver newsletter

Saving YOU time and effort to get relevant information, consequently hopefully result in change [to the better].

I.e., the newsletter is not limited to energy per the natural sciences definition but we’ll explore anything that can save you time, make you or your operations more efficient and productive.

  • In Natural Sciences:
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Biology
    • Meteorology
    • Geology
    • Astronomy and cosmology
  • In Society:
    • Economics
    • Environment
    • Exploration and research
    • Management
    • Politics
    • Production
    • Transportation
    • Warfare
  • Forms (1) and inter-relations:
    • Kinetic
    • Potential
    • Light
    • Transformation of energy
  • Forms (2):
    • Chemical
    • Elastic
    • Electrical, Magnetic
    • Gravitational
    • Mechanical
    • Nuclear
    • Radiant
    • Thermal
  • Units [W] (a few examples):
  • ‘Full loop’:
    1. Development [W]
      (sources, production, generation)
    2. Storage [W]
    3. Distribution
    4. Consumption [W]
    5. Renewable energy [W]
  • Miscellaneous

[W]=Wikipedia article

1 Joule = 1 newton-metre* ~ 6.24×1018 eV. 1 kWh = 3.6 MJ ~ 3410 Btu. 1 Btu ~ 1055 J ~ 0.00029 kWh. (1000 Btu = 0.29 kWh). (1 man-hour = one man or woman working for one hour. Let us get back to you on the subject on conversions into other units…)

* “meter” vs. “metre”: As it happens, Sweden and US [English] both uses “meter” whereas British English uses “metre” (SI definitions uses British English. More on American and British English differences, on meter.

[1] Concise Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Third Ed, McGraw-Hill (1994) ISBN 0-07-045560-0. 2241 pages – yes, it is that many pages – filled with just great stuff. (2241 letter-sized pages, 8.25 cm / 3 1/4 inch thick, weight close to 5 kg / >10 lbs. Buy latest at Amazon – 5th Ed, $150, price indication, Oct ’06)

See an example newsletter – Sun 2006-10-29 – Power and Communication Special. (old.jandp)


A little bit on our history – on communicating information and saving energy

1984First Macintosh – hey, that was savings! (Mentally, increased productivity)
1985-1986(J) Military: special assignment – information- and communications- related (Was “Ledningsgruppbefäl” in Swedish)
1986-1987(J) Chairman of the Information Committee (“Informationsutskottets ordförande” in Swedish) at Teknologkåren at the University of Luleå. Responsible for information and marketing to technology students at the university.
1990-1996(J) Working as consultant, including teaching, lots of marketing, sales, and other information-oriented activities.
1997Started USA Rapport (Swedish for ‘USA Report’) – a Swedish-only newsletter for friends over in Scandinavia. Also started J&P Nytt (‘J&P News’) – printed magazine created in FrameMaker (See Friends of J&P for general information including evolution of newsletters over the years.)
2000(J) Hot gas tools from SSD Innovation – saving lots of energy (90%)! Idea for an Energy Saver newsletter / publication / document(s) started, early ideas for logo.
2005Design of logotype restarted briefly but then faded away again – too much else w/ higher priorities.
2006Distributed The Energy Saver * Sunday 2006-10-29 issue to a selected few. To start getting feedback.
2020Start moving to a content management system. To simply using it as an advanced notebook, including access from everywhere (yes, also mobile devices) and search capability.

(J) indicate J in J&P.


  • Try to compiled and distribute fairly periodically – maybe monthly. (The whole Energy Saver newsletter is a side-activity performed in weekends and late evenings, in spare time.)
  • Have different themes – e.g. Power, Communication, Business Development, Personal Efficiency, Co-operative work, et cetera.


  1. High on the priority list is to re-create subscription service worked on earlier, or find something out there. (Free, easy to use; security and protection of personal information is high on list of requirements).
  2. Subscriber survey, collect feedback, for improvements, any change of scope, format, contents