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About the Community

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The J&P Community, formally called J&P’s Vänner, “Friends of J&P“, is a restricted community. To become a member one has to comply with some requirements, see rules below.

Note! This information is provided in English only to explain what J&P is all about, not to promote any membership.

The first activities related to the J&P Community was in Spring of 1997, when J&P moved to the US. J&P’s Vänner went through a major reshape and was more formally established in Spring of 1999.

It˙s main intention and usage is to maintain communication with the Old Country.

The Rules

About the Community | The Rules | Benefits | Application Form ]

To become a member of J&P’s Vänner, one must comply with the following requirements. (In case of questions, please contact the membership department.)

  1. One must be a relative or a long time friend of J or P. If one doesn’t know who J or P is, that’s a No No.
  2. Ones native language should be Swedish. Most information is provided in Swedish only. Exception to this rule may be some pages on the Net, but in these cases access to pages are not restricted and does not require membership.
  3. No information about J&P’s Private Pages may be distributed to a non-member. All pages are copyright J&P.


[ About the Community | The Rules | Benefits | Application Form ]

As member, one has access to and receives periodic information. Some examples:

USA Rapport (USA Report) – email

Reports that are sent irregularly to members of the community. Started in plain text 1997 and has since evolved into full-blown HTML-based, multi-media, publications. (You can view the evolution in the Swedish section of this information.)

J&P Online – web

J&P’s web site with all sorts of information to members. Pictures, J&P News Magazine, building a house… Some areas are open, some other requires membership.

J&P Nytt (J&P News) – magazine

Printed magazine that is distributed to non-Net connected members. Primarily grand-mothers. Also available to members of J&P’s Vänner as downloadable Portable Document Format (PDF) files. (Created in FrameMaker.)###

CDs, Videos – multimedia

J&P Multimedia Labs J&P Multimedia Labs offers several CD-ROMs and video cassettes that can be ordered. (Swedish only).

Activities – travel, parties…

J&P NoBoSJ&P NoBoS Travel Services – one of many operations within the J&P Group – irregularly arranges trips of all sorts to all kinds of locations. Among some arrangements:

    • Las Vegas, Nevada, by car
    • Roundtrips in Texas and nearby states.
    • Why not a weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana? Cajun, swamps, and party!
    • Christmas Dinner, a typical Swedish Smorgasbord, in the beatiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden.
    • True relaxation in a truly unique archipelago – more in section on Kökar ….
    • New trips are continuously planned…

A subdivision of J&P Travel Services NoBoS is J&P Social Activities (SA) – more focused on parties and other forms of social activities

Membership Application Form

About the Community | The Rules | Benefits | Application Form ]

In conformance with Rule #2 above (Swedish native language), the application form is only available in Swedish.

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(C) J&P. All material, if not otherwise mentioned, is provided by J.
USA Rapporter, including information on e.g. J&Ps web site(s) are provided for strictly personal usage.
Duplication or further distribution in any form is prohibited w/o written approval by J&P.