Media Quality


This page is about efforts to formalize different levels of curation, et c.

  • Example, to discuss materials, individual media and/or sets of media in term like:
    • Curation: C00, = uncurated level 0, very much raw materials w/o any work done what so ever, aside shooting it.
    • Resolution: A90, = analog media with quality corresponding to 1990s.
  • on workflow of media in 7 phases: 1.Capture, 2.Collate, 3.Organize, 4.Curate, 5.Share, 6.Archive, 7.Find

Note: the short URL – located directly under the root – for short format and to allow for easy and somewhat discrete use in references, in docs, emails, et c.



Curation Levels – C00, C01C1, …

Coo (C-zero-zero) and C01 (C-zero-one) are essentially raw materials with possibly limited time spent on removing obvious similar-looking, closed-eyes, et c shots.

“Curation Levels”
Level: C00 C01 C1 C2 C3 C
Short Name: Uncurated 0 Uncurated 1 Basic Curation Minor Curation Details Curation
Applies to: Set of media Set of media Set of media Inside media file Inside media file
Where: File system File system File system Tools (Apps) Tools (Apps)
Description: Completely raw shots, including lots of similar shots, for handling blinking people, … At least some efforts to remove ‘duplicates’ and obviously bad media Made an at least somewhat more serious effort to remove ‘duplicates’, narrowing down media to a set of media we want to keep. (On set of files, not inside any media itself.) Of/inside media file itself, using some tool, for tweaking some aspect(s), like sharpen/soften, modify brightness, contrast, colors – tweaks on whole photo/frame. Of/inside media file itself, using some tool, for tweaking some details – removing/fixing red-eyes, remove some glares, et c. (For possibly future use)
Time spent on curation: Zero Seconds to minutes More like minutes to even 10s of minutes.
Workflow Phase ————– ————– ————– ————– ————–
Shoot media

(“Day 1”)

(“Day 1”)
(Sometimes may happen, despite typically small screen) (Some may happen, e.g. turn media 90 deg.) (So far extremely rare, as prefer working on computer w larger screen)
TRY to NOT allow C00… Make effort to APPLY C01! ### ### ###
2.Collate No curations during collation, gathering of media. Of course. Some examples of processes:
Apple eco system: Automatic (incl. deletions, edits and propagated bi-directionally)
Dropbox -“-: Typically have to open (iOS) app to transfer media into eco system)
GoPro: more complicated…

(“Day 1+”)

(“Day 1+”)
I.e. in process of organizing media into folders, curation C01 and C1 may be performed

(“Day n+”)

(“Day n+”)

(“Day n+”)
Make Accessible
Share C1
(Most common in 2024)
Share C2
(Relatively rare, in 2024)
Share C3
(Relatively rare, in 2024)


MQ.R Media Quality Resolution (Indication) Levels

(See The J&P Private Collection (/mlabs/collection/) for examples of use.)

More of embryo to ideas, more WIP (Work In Progress) TR! ###

  1. Axxs and Dxxs: idea to indicate resolution based on time era where xx is decades
    1. Analog: 1800s, …
    2. Digital: 2000s, and so on
  2. Dy…M: idea for indicated quality on digital materials using actual resolution info, like
    1. D0,3M = for 0.3MP

But… older materials, with Analog indications can be a little bit better at giving at least some some hint of quality but digital materials are more difficult. Especially actual resolution indications. A D48M (48MP) doesn’t need to be any better what so ever than a good 12MP or even 8MP but depend so much more on quality of camera or smartphone. Why era-indications may still be a better indicator.

### Resolution levels, Sharing levels


Designation(s) Description xx
A18s Analog media shot in/around (later) 1800s
A19s Analog media shot in/around (earlier) 1900s
A40s..A90s Analog media shot in later decades in 1900s, e.g. use A40 to indicate 1940s, A90 in the 1990s.
D00s Digital medias from the 2000s (2000..2009) but more refer to earlier years of the decade, like 2000, 2001, 2002.
The kind of Initial/Beginning years of digital photography. (For us.)
Digital medias from device from 2005 era, from 2009 era, and so on.
D0.3M Digital media around 0.3MP, (e.g.) 640×480 (e.g. Treo 600 (2003) Treo 650 (2004))
D1.3M Digital media around 1.3MP, (e.g.) 1280×960, 1280×1024
D5M Digital media around 5MP (e.g. 2560×1920, 2592×1944 like Canon PowerShot SD450 (2005)
D8M Digital media around 8MP (e.g. 3264×2448 like Apple iPhone 4S (2011)
D12M Digital media around 12MP (e.g. 4000×3000, 2592×1944 like Canon PowerShot SD780 (2009)
Apple iPhone6s (4032×3024) .., iPhone 12/Pro, iPhone 13/Pro
D48M Digital media around 48MP (e.g. 8064 x 6048 like iPhone 14 Pro (2022)



WIP! TR! ### Sharing Levels / or What To Call It

More advanced forms of Curation, with ADDITION and/or REMOVAL of meta info, et c.

  • Timestamp info: Add / Remove / Correct
  • Geoloc info: Add / Remove / Correct
  • Description info/CC: Add (unlikely to have any part of media files themselves, at least in June 2024 when write on this section)