Ergo 4000, by MS – World’s Best Keyboard Ever

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 – the world’s best keyboard ever (J&P).

Discontinued since many years (when extended this topic in April 2022) but can still be found at Amazon, Though not cheap – supply and demand … the wired Ergo 4000 variant at some US$ 390 and the wireless Ergo 7000 package at US$ 769 (Apr 2022).





Category of Keys Count Comments
Standard keys 47 Alphabetical, numeric, special characters (!@#…)
Above -“-; Func keys, F1..F12+ F Lock 13 F-keys ON: F1, F2, … F12
F-keys OFF: Help, Undo, …Print
Right of -“-: PrtScn, ScrLk, Pause/Break 3
Left side: Esc, Tab, Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl, Win, Alt 7 modifier keys
Right side: Backspace, Enter, Shift, Alt, Menu, Ctrl 6 modifier keys
Center: Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End, Page Down 6 Insert or type-over; navigation keys
Nav keys: Up, Down, Left, Right 4 More navigation keys
Numeric kbd section 17 for faster numeric entries, calculations, calculator app use
Above -“- (=, (, ), arrow) 4 -“-
At top of kbd:
3 app keys: Web/Home, Search, Mail,
5+1 Fav: 5 Fav Keys + My Favorites key,
3 Sound: Sound On/Off, Sound Decrease, Sound Increase,
1 Media: Play/Stop
1 Calculator key
Bottom of kb: Backward, Forward 2
Sum, total no of keys 123
PLUS, one Zoom slider, up, own


Special Key Handler




‘Favorite 1’

‘Favorite 2’

‘Favorite 3’

‘Favorite 4’

‘Favorite 5’

‘My Favorites’