Virtual Private Networking (VPN)


NordVPN (start eval service 2020-11-14 Sat)

  • AndroidTV (Sony TV, 1700)
    • Getting NordVPN App
    • Problem – Lost sound, NO sound when tried SVT Play app after installing NordVPN
      • Tried uninstall app, reinstall, reconfig app but no change.
      • Then realize, NO apps (AndroidTV installed, incl. e.g. Netflix no longer has sound.
      • BUT, fix was actually – lucky/good for  a change… – Power OFF and ON of TV fixed it.
    • Using
      1. Open NordVPN app
      2. Start service, ###
      3. Start
  • iOS (12 Pro)
    • Getting NordVPN App
  • macOS 10.13 (IM2713, 1700) – problem getting to connect (showing trying to establish service for maybe ten seconds, then very briefly some other message, trying message again, repeats but never establish services)
    • One solution that works 2020-11-15 Sun is changing ‘VPN Protocol from ‘Use recommended protocol’ to ‘OpenVPN (UDP)’ (not yet tried other choices)
      • ‘Use recommended protocol’ – did NOT work
      • ‘IKEv2’ – did NOT work
      • ‘OpenVPN (UDP)’ – WORKS! (tested to Sweden)
      • ‘OpenVPN (TCP)’ – not tested yet
      • ‘NordLynx’ – WORKS! (And from dialog on cell, ‘up to 2x faster compared to other protocols, as shown in our tests’ (tested to Sweden)
    • Able to see SVTPlay material that is unavailable (‘Programmet kan bara ses i Sverige’)
      1. Start VPN connection to Sweden
      2. Reload web browser window (sufficient action when test 2020-11-15, no need to restart any apps or anything else – nice!)
      3. (Web browser window start allow player material. Ah, yes – using Chrome web browser during tests, no other/special app.)