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OS Differences

Different operating systems handles text files slightly – but in some cases significantly – different.

It may become critical when developing scripts on one platform (e.g. PHP, on Mac) and uploads to a web server running Linux. What works (executes properly) on one platform fails on another.

What differs is how end of line is indicated, what character(s) is/are used – Linefeed (LF, Carriage Return (CR), or both.

System Char Dec Hex Notes CLI
Modern Mac
LF 10 0A Yes
Classic Mac CR 13 0D Got old .mbox files with this No
Windows CRLF 10 13 0D 0A Yes

CLI: if works properly in terminal, command line mode, with std commands, recognizing line breaks.

More info, tips, and techniques in How do I convert between Unix and Mac OS or Mac OS X text files? (opens in a new tab/window), from Indiana Univ., retrieved 2008-03-03).