mail *** WARNING ***


Do NOT send mail to us via United States Postal Service (USPS)!
Services are NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

Break-in  December 2020 – 8 homes lost all their mail
***  including us ***
And do note that this is not the first and only time.
(Photo shows our shared community mail box system
some hundred yards/meters from the actual house.
Not an uncommon setup in the US.)

Do NOT assume or expect that we will receive mail sent using such services. Too many items lost to thefts and delivered to someone else.

For communications with us, DO USE EMAIL and ENCRYPTED DOCUMENTS as applicable. See also Contact for information and options.


‘nnnn P…… … .. WARNING’ = 49 characters long. (one line use)

‘WARNING’ = 29 characters long (as a 2nd address line, or Apt/Unit designation)

BUT – can’t use, as it turns out, USPS doesn’t allow any special characters like “:”, “/”, “.”. So

‘nnnn P…… … .. # WARNING HTTP JANDP BIZ MAIL‘  = 49 characters long. (one line use), format that was accepted, at least could be squeezed through USPS web site.