Roger Whittaker, Live 1973

Recreating a digital form for the old vinyl record that may or may not be still around somewhere out there in the summer cottage. Aside we likely don’t have a vinyl player laying around anywhere…

This a highly personal family project. Notes here made as a personal notebook for any possible other similar activities in the future.

  1. Finding media. Lead researcher: DS, with assistance of PK and TS
    Found something we believe IS the right disc –

    • Sounds right – including it’s a live recording,
    • Has all songs as far as we can remember
    • Recorded 1973, which works when we started playing it out in the summer cottage back in the days
  2. Downloading audio from YouTube: there are lots of web sites that can assist in such task. In this case used
  3. Splitting the one single some-37-minutes mp3 file into individual tracks: using the free open-source application Audacity. (Split into tracks, Label, Export multiple. A bit work in fine tuning suitable breaking points, as live recording and no own/natural exact breaking points.)
    (Exported simply using track numbers for the separate files – as found Audacity a bit cumbersome for providing all names / tags for each media.)
  4. Then using iTunes to provide tags for all (fifteen) files/tracks.
    Individual names; common album name, artist, year,… and even album graphic (searching Internet for data to use).
  5. Zipped files from iTunes files location into one archive:
    Head On Down The Road (… Live At Lansdowne)  – 24.0 MiB / 25.1 MB

A couple of tunes to get you into the mood:

01 Hello… Good Morning… Happy Day

02 New World In The Morning


Date Notes
2019-09-15 First published version (this specific)