“A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening.” wikipedia: Podcast (and “A video podcast or vodcast is a podcast that contains video content.”)


Podcasts started as phenomenon around 2004 with people outside of Apple and then iPod hardware getting specific support for podcasts in 2005 (iTunes 4.9).

  • 2001: 1st gen iPods from Apple, capacity 5 GB and 10 GB [1]
  • 2002: 2nd gen iPods from Apple, capacity 10 GB and 20 GB [1]
  • 2003: 3rd gen iPods from Apple, capacity 10 GB up to 40 GB [1]
  • 2004: two guys credited for inventing podcasting, term podcasting is first used [2]
  • 2004: 4th gen iPods from Apple, “Classic”, with color screen, photos capability, up to 60 GB capacity [1]
  • 2005-06: iTunes 4,9 is released with native support for podcasts [2]
  • 2005..: see wikipedia [1] for more generations of iPods (see page is about podcasting)
  • 2006-01: Steve Jobs demonstrates how to make a podcast using Garageband in his keynote [2]
  • And the rest is history.




The easiest and most convenient way to start getting and listening (audio podcasts) and viewing (video podcasts) is using iTunes from Apple (free; included on every Mac and also free download is available for MS Windows; apple.com/itunes).

To subscribe to a podcast (series) when you know the URL:

  1. Select menu Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast…
  2. Enter the URL for podcasts, e.g.  .
  3. Now iTunes will automatically start downloading new episodes as they become available.
  4. (Click on Podcasts under LIBRARY to see downloaded podcasts, get older podcasts.)

To Browse for podcast:

  1. Click on iTunes Store (in iTunes).
  2. Browse or search for podcasts and simply press Subscribe.

Some sources:

Tweak How Often Check For New Episodes

(Note: not in preferences dialog, iTunes 8.)

When selected Podcasts in LIBRARY, press the Settings… button at the bottom of the window to tweak how often to check (Every HourEvery DayEvery Week, or Manually.)




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  1. Preparing
  2. Capturing Audio
  3. Editing audio files
  4. Sharing