DVD, Digital Video Disc


  • Technology developed in 1995, released in 1996.
  • Heavy use by J&P in 2000’s
  • iMacs 2010 and 2011 still had CD/DVD slots
  • iMac 2013 did NOT
    • I.e. we started the discontinuation of using DVDs, and CDs, around this timeframe (for use with computers)
  • In 2020 when create this section
    • Have not used CD/DVDs for many years on computers
    • We still have the whole DVD collection of movies but very rarely play these
      • DVD player for Swedish/PAL: Yes, still around
      • DVD player for US, NTSC, including Blu-ray, and 3D: Yes, still around
    • (Our whole collection of CD records has however been given to charity.)



From old unsorted materials, last edited around Feb 2008.

From Video to DVD
PC Mag 11.30.05
Learn how to convert your old videotapes to DVD before they deteriorate in today’s tip.

Datum Titel Tid
2006 Feb Gamla 8mm v1.0 (LP,PAL) 2 hr 48 m DVD 602051


DVD Produktionslogg

Datum Titel Tid
2006-02-04 – 06 Gamla 8mm v1.0 (LP,PAL)

Brände sex stycken, Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R 4.7GB 120min. Skrev/brände “etikett” med DVD brännaren..

2 hr 48 m DVD 602051
2006-02-11 Kökar, 98-01 ### dddddd
Brände två stycken DYNEX DVD+R 16x 120min 4.7GB för skicka till mamma och pappa,

handskriven text på DVDs, enkelt CD-stil fodral, inget konvolut


Type: DVD-Video
Video Standard: PAL
Style: Berry
Total Size: 4.68 GB Used (99.6%)
Free Space: 16.84 MB remaining
Quality: SP (Standard Play)