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What Features to Look For in Photo Management Software

When choosing the best photo management software for your needs, you need to pick the one with the features you need.

The best photo management software offers the following features:

    • Image search functionality
    • Importing and exporting image files in different formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.)
    • Creating folders and subfolders
    • Tagging images and adding image descriptions
    • Editing and resizing photos

Here are some of the most important features to look for in the right photo organizer:

1. Photo Editing Features: I think we can agree that this is one of the most important features to look for in photo management software since there is no point in storing poor-quality photos that you’re not likely to ever use.

With photo editing features, you can correct, improve, and enhance your images quickly and easily without having to use standalone photo editing software.

2. Search Capability: Another important feature is search capability. When you have a few dozen pictures, this may not seem like such a big issue.

But, when you have thousands of pictures, you need to be able to quickly find what you’re looking for by using different factors, such as tags, locations, ratings, Geotech, and labels.

3. Artificial intelligence (AI): Choosing a photo management tool with AI will give you access to features like facial recognition, object recognition, and more.

Furthermore, database functions allow you to quickly sort and search through your images using factors like names, events, objects, etc.

4. Mobile App: Most people take photos directly on their smartphones these days. Having a mobile app makes it easier to streamline capturing, storing, editing, and sharing pictures. The app also makes it easier to manage and export images and files.

5. RAW and Wireless Support: Your photo management platform needs RAW support to help you store images directly from your camera to the software for your digital camera raw formats and all your photos. You need the capability to store large images and all your digital images without first having to transfer them to your laptop.

Also, it helps if you don’t have to deal with wires when transferring data. A wi-fi connection makes the entire process seamless and convenient. If you have a ton of data to transfer over, it may make sense to consider a data pipeline tool, but this won’t be an issue for most of you.


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