Radio Stations

Some J&P favorite radio stations:

Radio Stations – Details

Radio stations are described on the following format:

J&P intro: Brief introduction by MLabs
J&P descr: Brief description by MLabs
Where (geo): Where located geographically
Frequency: ‘In the ether’.
Streaming: Over Internet
More: More info/resources

Austin (TX) FM 95.5, KKMJ 

J&P intro: 95.5 HD-2 is so far the closets match found in Austin to KLUV in Dallas and Vinyl 107 in Stockholm. Though not as good, in J’s opinion. .
J&P descr: 95.5 HD-2 Oldies
Where (geo): Austin, TX
Frequency: FM 95.5 MHz95.5 MHz (also on HD Radio)
95.5 HD-2 for Oldies
95.5 HD-3 for Urban AC “96.3 RNB”
Streaming: Not checked but most likely.

GONE… Aug 2023, UNFORTUNATELY – Austin (TX) FM 105.3, The Bat, KKMJ

J&P intro: WAS: Among our favorite stations in Austin.
J&P descr: Austin 105.3 The Bat KTXX
Where (geo): Austin, TX
Frequency: FM 105.3 MHz
Streaming: Not checked but most likely.

Dallas (TX) FM 98.7, KLUV 

J&P intro: Favorite station in DFW area for a decade+.
J&P descr: Oldies, music from the 50, 60, 70s, …; The Christmas station in DFW (replaced 103.3 in 2013)
Where (geo): Dallas, TX
Frequency: FM 98.7 MHz; reaches down to around Waco.
Streaming: Listen, for iTunes :
Click link, downloads small file to (e.g.) desktop (KLUVFMAAC.pls), double click file to open in iTunes.
Rename to (e.g.)
KLUV 98.7 Dallas, TX, K-LUV Classic Hits

Killeen (TX) FM 91.3, KNCT 

J&P intro: New discovery 2014-11-03 Monday by J, while driving from Austin to Dallas.
J&P descr: A bit mixed – more softer and rather soothing music. When in mood for such.
Where (geo): In Killeen, TX (East of Temple, South-east of Waco)
Frequency: FM 91.3 MHzWARNING/NOTE: 91.3 in Dallas is something completely different… Religious propaganda!! WARNING!
Streaming: For use in (e.g.) iTunes:
Downloaded link from site:
As used in iTunes when open:
More: Sites:91.3 KNCT – (Central Texas College,
KNCT and KNCT-FM are non-commercial educational stations licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to Central Texas College. KNCT is a full power digital television station which broadcasts PBS programming on channel 46-1, Time Warner Cable channel 4; The Pentagon Channel on 46-2, Time Warner Cable channel 1012 and Create TV on channel 46-3, Time Warner Cable channel 156. KNCT- FM broadcasts at 50,000 watts effective radiated power at 91.3 MHz.The stations signed on the air in November 1970 from studios located on the Central Texas College Campus in Killeen. In those early years, the stations operated on a limited broadcast schedule of 2 PM until 10 PM Monday through Friday. Today, both stations operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.KNCT television is the Central Texas PBS affiliate while KNCT-FM serves the Central Texas area as the only easy listening radio station in the Waco, Killeen, Temple area.


Stockholm (Sweden) FM 107.1, Vinyl 107

2020-12-27: finally add note here that Vinyl 107 is nowadays called Vinyl FM.

J&P intro: Favorite station in Sweden. As well as when not in Stockholm and want to get feel-good feeling by NOT sitting in traffic on Essingeleden, or snow chaos in middle of winter.
J&P descr: Oldies, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s
Where (geo): Stockholm, Sweden
Frequency: FM 107.1 MHz
Streaming: Listen, for iTunes :
Click link, downloads small file to (e.g.) desktop (vinyl_se_mp3.m3u), double click file to open un iTunes.
Rename to (e.g.)
Vinyl 107, Stockholm, Sweden, mp3Listen, web browser: (not working any longer? 2020-12-27)
More:  Vinyl 107 (De kallar sig själva “Vinyl 107”.)
“Vinyl 107,1, är en svensk radiostation som ingår i SBS Radio. Stationen har funnits i Stockholm sedan kort efter att det blivit lagligt att sända kommersiell radio i Sverige. Sändningarna går även att höra via mediaspelare på nätet.Stationen spelade från början musik från slutet av 1950-talet till början av 1970-talet men sedan den 2 maj 2008 spelar man musik från både 60-, 70- och 80-talet. Vinyl 107,1 är Sveriges största radiostation i formatet “oldies” och den enda stationen i formatet i Stockholm. Målgruppen är män och kvinnor 35+ med tyngdpunkt på 50+. Man sänder i Stockholms län på frekvensen 107,1 MHz och även via internet.”Home: 
(Sv),1 Info (En)

iTunes (Music) – Streams in iTunes app

(iTunes app was replaced by Music app in 10.15 Catalina. More in /is/apps/macos/itunes/.)

Create a Smart Playlist

  1. New > Smart Playlist…
  2. Select Kind, contains, and enter internet audio stream
  3. Press Ok to save dialog
  4. Tweak list name to (e.g.) Radio internet audio stream
  5. That’s it.


As example, see also radio channels info sections above.

This table intends to contain currently used URLs.

song = ‘name‘ = ‘sort as location (File tab) added verified working
1.1. Dallas 98.7 K-LUV Classic Hits 6/13/19, 18:43 2019-09-15
1.2. Austin 105.3 The Bat KTXX 6/4/17, 06:03 2019-09-15
1.3. KNCT FM 91.3 Kileen TX 2/20/16, 05:25 2019-09-15
2.1. Vinyl FM, 107.1 FM, Stockholm, Spain 6/30/18, 05:55 2019-09-15
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