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Luleå, Lulé in the locals own tongue, is the town where I spend close to five years of my life. Compulsory military service and studies at the University of Luleå. Also acted as (self-appointed) Ambassador of Sweden and involuntary distributor and reseller of O-rings. In short: far too cold and small (Luleå is only in the area of 70,000 inhabitants) place for me… Went home to Sweden in Spring of 1989. City/county web:

(Luleå is in the area of 920 km / 575 miles north of Stockholm.)

Swedish Embassy in Luleå

Being deported for about five years and longing to get back to Sweden (JAS definition), I started acting as the Ambassador of Sweden.

I had a sign on my apartment door with open hours and information about services provided (mainly visas, passports, tourism- and business information).

The Dedicated Reseller and Distributor of O-rings

As part of the Tomas F. Distribution Network, I was involuntary his man in the Northern territory for several years and received pounds after pounds of exciting marketing material. All one ever needs to know about O-rings.

Other activities

Aside the Master of Science studies at University of Luleå, I

  • Started my first company, JAS Konsult.
  • Was one of the four partners in VM-Bäddar i Luleå – sleeping facilities during World Championship for 12:s (the big sailing boats), Spring-Summer of 1988.
  • Was the technical partner in the Sarkinen-Guiga partnership for smart hand-held devices.