Introduction, The J&P Group

J&P Group was informally established in 1997 and for multiple years was more low-key operations. In 2002 we reserved the JandP.biz domain and a new era begun.

History of JandP.biz

Miscellaneous information of more administrative nature around this web site (primarily) and J&P Group operations (secondarily).

  • 1997: Formulating  J&P Group
  • 1997-2002: internet-presence was hosted as part of another web site
  • 2002: Registering the JandP.biz domain (2002-04-18)
  • 2008: Introducing “CSS Frames” (Nov 2008)
    (From the 90’s, when hosted as part of another web site, up to 2008, the dominating page-layout technology was HTML Frames.)
  • 2016: introducing “Mobile First
  • 2020: Content Management System (CMS) (went live 2020-12-22)

CSS Frames, Nov 2008

The URL you get is what you’ll see – no http://jandp.biz/…./index.shtml?http://jandp.biz/…./main.shtml.

CMS Transition 2020, Big Swap 2020-12-22

2020: Content Management System (CMS) – based

  • Moving from LAMP (Linux, Apache, (MySql), PHP
  • To a content management system (CMS)
  • Work was in progress during basically all 2020, starting in February 2020


  1. http://old.jandp.biz/ – (web-based) materials developed during 2002 and 2019
  2. http://w2.jandp.biz/ – work-in-progress 2020, transitional, started 2020-02-28.
  3. http://jandp.biz/ – points to what is decided primary site content
    1. Pointed to old, web-area based, content up to Tuesday 2020-02-22
    2. On Tue 2020-12-22, the Big Swap happened
      1. Redirect domain jandp.biz to point to CMS instead of web-area
      2. Changes within CMS to remove any “w2” notions.