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Plug-Ins Installed / Used

Plug-in When Why / Function
Allow Numeric Slugs 2020-### To allow folders with numbers only, like /1989/09/
Easy Table of Contents 2020-12-27 2 * 2nd Table of content – plug-in tested, after f(x) TOC.
* NO tag to add, TOC is automatically added to pages, as long as meet configurable criteria (default is e.g. 4 headers in a page)
f(x) TOC 2020-12-27 1 Table of content, simply add [ t o c ] without the spaces (otherwise it would be one here as…) in content.
Menu Image 2020-xx Allow images in menus.
Redirection 2020-xx ###
Table Sorter 2020-xx Enable sorting capabilities in tables. Add


Table of Content – Plug-ins Research