Web Browsers


Google Chrome

For EACH profile that you use:

  1. Go to Settings – chrome://settings/
  2. In ‘Appearance’ section:
    1. Set ‘Show home button’ to ON
    2. Enter a home URL
      1. E.g. for JandP
      2. E.g. for CrowdVision and Skyfii Confluence: https://crowdvision.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/~johan.sarkinen/pages/465076237/CV+Landing+JS
  3. In ‘On startup’ section, select ‘Continue where you left off’. (To get all windows and tabs back when/if quit browser.)
  4. FOR Google Meet, to modify background
    1. If not already in a meeting, start your own small meeting
    2. Use the ‘three vertical dots’ button at bottom of window, next to the red End-Call button, to bring up Drop-down menu, select ‘Change Background’
    3. Use existing background of add your own by ‘+’ button.