DLNA – Digital Living Network Alliance

( Another section that could be of interest is TV Hardware (/mlabs/video/players/tvhw/). )

DLNA: ‘The group published its first set of guidelines in June 2004.[2] The guidelines incorporate several existing public standards,

  • including Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for media management and device discovery and control, and
  • widely used digital media formats and
  • wired and wireless networking standards’

(From wikipedia)



Client-side Server-side



DLNA Clients

DLNA Servers

Software Comments
5KPlayer Despite name, it also DO include a DLNA server

  • 5kplayer.com
  • (!) Highly annoying: when connecting iPhone to computer, the 5KPlayer application – when running – triggers display with a notification, ad.
  • plex.tv
  • Does have a DLNA server but ends up being a confusing mix of online media and personal DLNA-served: User interface and experience has a LOT to wish for!
  • Administration of  server via web-browser interface
    • Works but could be used by a bit better organization
Serviio dd



  • And the DLNA server seems to have issues with compatibility…
    • Only shows presence on VLC but NO media…!